The ICASO team includes the Toronto-based staff, a cadre of consultants and partners around the globe, and our board of directors.


Our board consists of nine advocates and activists from around the world. We are committed to having representation from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, to support global accountability and provide community leadership. Consideration is also given to members who bring critical expertise, experience, and leadership to ensure that ICASO’s work responds to the needs of the community sector within an evolving global AIDS response. The Board has been strengthened with two seats dedicated for people living with HIV to guarantee that the leadership of people living with and affected by HIV is integral to all the work ICASO engages in.

The ICASO staff and consultant team is a diverse, multilingual, geographically dispersed group of professionals with deep experience in the global AIDS response.  Staff have come to ICASO with a wealth of knowledge and range of experiences including direct service delivery, policy development, advocacy and activism, resource mobilization, and program management.  The ICASO team is skilled at research for advocacy, North/South collaborations, and partnership development.

Strategic partnership is at the center of ICASO’s operational model.  We work with community organizations, non-governmental organizations, key population networks, academic institutions, think-tanks, political and donor institutions, and thought leaders across the AIDS response.  Our collaboration takes many forms: financial and political support, collaborative policy and program analysis, technical assistance, co-organizing of events, and leveraging our various platforms to amplify the voices of our partners.

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