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The United Nations plays an important role in shaping the global AIDS agenda, and in marshaling resources to carry out that agenda. ICASO works with various UN agencies to promote the meaningful inclusion of civil society and key populations in decision-making processes, strategic planning, and political declarations. This year ICASO played a leadership role with regard to civil society engagement in the development of the outcome document for the High-Level Meeting on AIDS: Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: On the Fast-Track to Accelerate the Fight against HIV and to End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030.


The outcome document has been roundly criticized by civil society for not sufficiently addressing the needs and leadership of key populations and the centrality of human rights in the HIV response.  In response, an expansive global network of civil society organizations developed and signed on to response declaration.  Read the document and signatories here.

The Stakeholders Task Force

The President of the General Assembly in partnership with UNAIDS established a Stakeholders Task Force comprised of representatives from civil society. The Task Force reports to the Office of the President of General Assembly and provides advice on key decisions relating to attendance and participation of civil society organizations in the high-level meeting, including helping to identify participants for the civil society hearing and deciding on the format, themes, speakers, and program of the panel discussions.

After an open call for nominations, the Office of the President of the General Assembly selected 12 individuals from around the world representing key constituencies. The members of the Stakeholders Task Force are: Annah Sango (Zimbabwe), Anton Basenko (Ukraine), Pye Jakobsson (Sweden), Abhina Aher (India), Javier Hourcade Bellocq (Argentina), Trevor Stratton (Canada), Rita Wahab (Lebanon), Kieran Daly (USA), Jaevion Nelson (Jamaica), Gershom Kapalaula (Zambia), Marama Pala (New Zealand), and Joan Peters (Antigua).

UNAIDS and ICASO serve as the Stakeholders Task Force Secretariat. The Task Force can be reached by writing to .gro.1487546197osaci1487546197@61021487546197MLH1487546197

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