This document provides an overview on community systems strengthening (CSS) in the
context of changes taking place as the Global Fund rolls out its new funding model. The
document summarizes how CSS interventions feature in the guidance provided to countries
in developing concept notes, which are central to the new funding approaches being
introduced by the Global Fund. This overview aims to help to civil society and key affected
population groups gain insight on how to position their interests in CSS during the country
dialogues and proposal development processes.

While the overview focuses primarily on CSS in the context of the Global Fund, it will
introduce the steps being taking by Global Fund and other partners to deepen the
understanding of CSS in other organizations and processes. However, the document will
also touch on CSS in the context of UNAIDS-initiated investment frameworks, work done to
link CSS and health systems strengthening and related plans for increased collaboration on
CSS through an inter organizational task team (IOTT) on CSS.

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