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community-logo-aICASO is a permanent community member of the Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC), tasked with developing the theme and program for the the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa in July 2016 (AIDS 2016), and previous meetings. The theme of AIDS 2016, Access Equity Rights Now, reflects the need to leave no one behind as we work together to end the global AIDS pandemic. To find out more about AIDS2016, visit our AIDS 2016 Community site.

As part of ICASO’s outreach efforts, we are also proud to have organized a high-profile satellite at AIDS 2016 with Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Section 27 and PANGAEA entitled: ‘What’s Good, What’s Bad, What’s Ugly’. The Satellite was presented as a panel that opened the floor for frank and open discussion about civil society, how to define it, what standards of accountability should civil society hold itself to and what role civil society should be playing.

Some key quotes that emerged  during the debate:

  • ‘Civil society is a bad term because it implies it’s homogenous, and that any action is good action. We are not anti-government but we are not pro-government either. Our power lies in our mastery of evidence. We have to turn the spotlight on ourselves as much as we turn it on other people’.
  • ‘The decline in activism as a result of complacency’
  • ‘When you have civil society in the boardroom you make them complicit in the system’. Peter Piot says he regrets his decision to ‘co-opt’ so many civil society organizations during his tenure at UNAIDS.
  • ‘If there is no push back, it means that as civil society we are not pushing enough’.
  • ‘The Lancet commission report reminds us there should be a pot of money for activism as a global public good’.
  • ‘We are nowhere on prevention. UNAIDS announced that “suddenly” we are aware of this.We are also nowhere on stigma’.



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