As part of the Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative, the Technical Assistance Program provides support to civil society and community organizations to meaningfully engage in Global Fund processes throughout the grant life-cycle, such as country dialogue, funding request development, grant-making, and grant implementation. 

The Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative was renewed this year for a second multi-year round.  As part of the renewal, a competitive selection process was held to identify civil society and non-governmental technical assistance (TA) providers.  The new group of 26 TA providers was recently announced by the Global Fund; many providers are continuing from the past round.  ICASO is proud to be included in the group of providers (see complete list), and encourages our partners to make use of this important resource. 

The program is currently open and accepting requests for technical assistance, which are made by submitting a completed form to gro.d1511299592nufla1511299592bolge1511299592ht@at1511299592grc1511299592.

CRG Technical Assistance Program Request Form
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From the Global Fund website:

Under this program, national civil society and community organizations can apply for technical assistance in a range of areas, such as:

  • Situational analysis and planning
  • Participation in country dialogue
  • Program design
  • Oversight and monitoring of grant implementation
  • Engagement in sustainability and transition strategy development

Some examples of technical assistance requests include:

  • Support to design, plan and implement a consultation process to identify key population priorities for HIV funding request development
  • Designing and budgeting for community systems strengthening programs as part of the grant-making process
  • Facilitating a funding request review among youth organizations to identify gaps and propose appropriate interventions for inclusion
  • Proactive, peer-led community engagement support to civil society and community in sustainability and transition planning

Technical assistance is provided by nongovernmental organizations – including key population networks, universities and civil society organizations – that were selected through an open tender process for their demonstrated skills and capacities on community, rights and gender competencies.

  • CRG Technical Assistance Program Providers List
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The program currently does not support:

  • Strengthening Country Coordinating Mechanisms
  • Long-term capacity building of civil society organizations
  • Funding request writing

Organizations can request CRG technical assistance at any time throughout the funding cycle.

To learn more about CRG technical assistance, download these resources:

Requests should be submitted using the form and should be sent via email to gro.d1511299592nufla1511299592bolge1511299592ht@at1511299592grc1511299592.

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